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link Radio-based MAICOsmart ventilation solution

  • Uses proven EnQcean radio technology
  • Suitable for living rooms up to 140 m²
  • The system requires no adjustment
  • Ventilation ducts don’t have to be laid making it ideal for redevelopment
  • No elaborate planning needed, number of components depends on apartment size

link Single room ventilation unit PushPull PP 60 K

  • Decentralised ventilation device with heat recovery.
  • Optimal room climate thanks to intermittend supply and extract air operation.
  • The innovative ceramic heat exchanger recovers up to 90% of the room energy.
  • Cross ventilation and dehumidification adjustable on demand.
  • Very silent ventilation operation, therefore especially suitable for living rooms and and bedrooms.
  • Low energy consumption thanks to EC motor.
  • Adjustment of the device not required.
  • Alternative to centralised ventilation units, no ducting system required.
  • Elegant and pleasing design.


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