New Product Developments

Available June 2013

link WS 170 room air system

  • Very quiet centralised ventilation and extraction system.
  • For apartments up to 130 m².
  • Various models. With and without bypass.
  • Up to 160 m³/h.
  • Small dimensions result in a compact unit.
  • Space-saving thanks to left-hand and right-hand versions.
  • Very high heat recovery rate saves energy and costs.
  • Energy-saving DC motors go easy on the wallet.
  • Protects against pollen in the room air thanks to G4 and F7 filters.
  • 4 levels ensure demand-oriented ventilation and air extraction.
For delivery date, see product pages

ECA 150 ipro small room fan

  • Intelligently programmed small room fan for very demanding requirements.
  • Timeless, stylish design that can be elegantly integrated into any surroundings.
  • Four operating programs available.
  • With level 1 (200 m³/h) and level 2 (250 m³/h) as standard.
  • Programmable for more individuality and demand-oriented ventilation.
  • Version F, H and B: Barrier-free products as the fan switches itself on and off automatically.
  • Low energy consumption that's easy on the environment and the wallet.
  • Simple setting of start delay and overrun time.
  • Flexible installation as it can be fitted in any position.

link EZL / DZL axial duct fan

  • Axial duct fans in nominal sizes DN 250 to DN 600.
  • Allows for flexible use.
  • For commercial use: durable, powerful and robust.
  • Equipped with integrated guided vanes for homogeneous characteristic curves, high efficiency and energy-saving operation.
  • High degree of protection IP 55.
Available summer 2013

link ERR N centrifugal duct fan

  • Centrifugal duct fans in nominal sizes DN 100 to DN 200
  • Ventilation or air extraction, depending on the installation direction
  • Supply of small to medium air volumes of up to 700 m³/h at high resistances
  • Through direct installation in ventilation ducts, the exhaust air is removed in the quickest way
  • Very compact, space-saving unit
  • Extensive range of accessories
Example: Channel fan DPK EC

EC fans

  • EC fans are particularly efficient
  • Operating costs and CO2 emissions are low
  • Purchase costs are paid back within a short period
  • Free from maintenance and wear over the entire service life
  • Regulation components integrated in motor
  • Pleasantly quiet operations

link Sound-insulated ventilation box ESR EC
link Channel fan DPK EC
link Sound-insulated channel fan DSK EC

link Roof fan DRD EC


link EKR FU sound-insulated ventilation box

  • The series was developed especially for the tough operating conditions of a kitchen exhaust air fan
    The motor is separate from the air flow
  • Energy-efficient, economical and convenient
  • Pleasantly quiet
  • External assembly also possible
  • Optimised efficiency, low maintenance costs
  • Quick, low-cost installation
  • Simple cleaning thanks to swivellable fan
Deliverable June 2012

link Radio-based MAICOsmart ventilation solution

  • Uses proven EnQcean radio technology
  • Suitable for living rooms up to 140 m²
  • The system requires no adjustment
  • Ventilation ducts don’t have to be laid making it ideal for redevelopment
  • No elaborate planning needed, number of components depends on apartment size


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